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Do you have test Certificates to testify that all appliances and components in your home are safe to be around?

Lack of the document could put you on the wrong side of the law due to negligence, should an electrical accident happen in your home.
If you don’t want hefty fines or jail term resulting from electrical accidents, it’s best to ensure that you acquire the licence.
The document is simply a certificate that you can get from an accredited electrician. Before you acquire, the licence, ensure its validity by only getting it from an electrician. That has certification from the main electrical governing body in your area.
An invalid certificate is illegal and is not usable in a court of law. Therefore, if you ever need to claim compensation after an electrical accident, makes sure that you get a valid test certificate. Insurance firms never pay unless the document is valid.

Test Certificates Leeds

Once you call us to issue an electrical certificate in your home we will connect you with a licensed electrician. The electrician will do the followings:

If there are no issues, then the technician will issue you with a valid document.
If there are problems, the technician will notify you, and proceed to correct them. It’s not after everything is in tiptop shape that they’ll issue you with a test certificate.
Carry out a thorough evaluation of everything electrical in your home to see if it’s working as it should. This step can also help identify potential issues that may cause problems in the future.

Local Electrician In Leeds

We collaborate with emergency electricians. That will always conduct a thorough electrical inspection and testing after every job. The role of this process is to ensure that everything is working safely, as it should. Therefore, your home is a safe zone. Emergency Electricians in Leeds provide regular testing and inspection, as part of a home’s electrical maintenance. Hence, the role of this procedure is to identify any potential problems. That may cause electrical fires and loss of lives of property. The process identifies things like wrong voltage, loose wires, or improperly sized fuse boxes.