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Emergency Electrician Leeds 24 Hour is a website operated by Direct24 Web Advertising Ltd. We find electricians you are looking for!

As much as electricity makes our life more comfortable, it can also be a significant health hazard whenever problems arise. Hence, you need to have a qualified electrician on your speed dial. Fortunately, we are here for any Electrician Services emergencies. Our phones work, and we pick them up as soon as you call. Electrician Services in Leeds is not only quick to respond to your call but at the same time, the technicians we collaborate with are on standby to receive our emergency call. Therefore, the technicians provide quick response time and same day service. In fact, they work swiftly and they also use the highest quality standards to ensure an outstanding result.


We collaborate with professional electricians that offer only quality work. In addition, the qualified electricians are trained on taking their time to have the problem solved in the right manner and for good. For sure, they can deal with any type of electrical emergency such as: storage heater, power showers, security alarms, etc. Furthermore, the electricians want to provide the best experience possible for clients from the second they engage with your issue, until long after they complete it as well. So, contact us and be confident that you will not require an electrician for the same problem again!

Give us a call any time you have an electrical emergency! 01134900392

Electrician Repair


The electricians operate 24/7, to ensure that are always available for anyone that is facing an electrical emergency. So, never wait until morning, or a working day to call us for an electrical problem.

Power Showers


In case you have problems with water pressure installing a power shower would be a solution. Hence, a power shower works by pressurizing your water, making it reach your outlets with the desired pressure.

Security Alarms


If you don’t have a security alarm, the security alarm specialists can help you install one. The technicians have experience installing different types of alarms, hence can install one that suits your taste.

Test Certificates


Do you have a test certificate to show that all appliances and components in your home are safe to be around? Lack of the document could put you on the wrong side of the law.

Storage Heaters


The technicians can install a storage heater in your home if you’d like to switch from other sources of heating that could be expensive or inefficient. If you have older equipment, they can help by replacing it.

Electrician Services


We collaborate with numerous professional electricians with intensive skills and experiences on different electrical issues in Leeds.