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Storage Heaters

The technicians can help in installing a storage heater in your home. In case you’d like to switch from other sources of heating. That could be expensive or inefficient. Rather if you have an older machine, they can help by replacing it.
Older machines usually break down frequently. Which can interfere with your family’s comfort and convenience. Faulty older storage heaters also force you to part with repair costs now and then, which can be cumulatively expensive.

Electrician Services Leeds


Power Showers

Only licensed electricians are required to do the power shower installation. To ensure all safety codes are adhered to. A power shower works by pressurizing your water. hence making it reach your outlets with the desired pressure. If you already have a power shower and it’s still giving you a problem, electrician services Leeds can also help.

Security Alarms

On condition that you don’t have a security alarm, call us and a prepared technician will come to install one. The technicians have experience installing different types of alarms. They can install one that suits your taste and preference. If you want to upgrade, they can also help you by replacing your older one with a newer version. If you have an old security alarm, you might find that it’s breaking down too often than it’s serving you. Contact us, and we will connect you with an engineer to sort it out.


Test Certificates Leeds

Test Certificates

Do you have a test certificate to show that all appliances and components in your home are safe to be around? Lack of the document could put you on the wrong side of the law due to negligence, should an electrical accident happen in your home. Whether you don’t want hefty fines or jail term resulting from electrical accidents. It’s best to ensure that you acquire the license.

Emergency Electrician Repair

We collaborate with electricians that operate 24/7. To ensure that are always available for anyone that is facing an electrical emergency. Never wait until morning, or a working day to call us, electrical problems can worsen very quickly.
It might be appealing to try and save some money by carrying out the repairs yourself. But this is a dangerous route. It’s best to leave electrical repairs to trained and certified electricians.

Electrician Services Leeds