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Do you need any reliable 24-hour Emergency Electrician in Leeds? Then you are in the right website!

We collaborate with great electricians to serve clients in Leeds and surrounding areas. They are always available, be it during the day, night, weekend, or public holidays.
Emergencies always come when homeowners least expect them, and that’s why you need an emergency electrician that you can trust. Moreover, we always deliver on our promise. In this case, it is providing you with electrical assistance when everyone else has closed shop. Therefore, we always have someone ready to answer calls at all times. We collaborate with numerous local electricians that will always show up at your residence within the shortest time possible.

Electrician in Leeds

Emergency Electrician Leeds

Have you ever done fuse boards upgrades in your home?

Upgrading your fuse board is a great way to stay safe, and to make them function to their best capabilities.

Electricians that work with us can help you rectify switch tripping problems. The tripping could signify more significant issues, and it’s paramount that you correct it a soon as possible.
They also do socket replacements in cases where the sockets are old, or problematic due to various reasons.

To report your emergency, Call us on 01134900392 .


We are a website operated by Direct24 Web Advertising Ltd that connects you with the nearest electrician in your area whenever an emergency occurs. Our customer service is always available and will immediately convey your specific electrical issue to a 24h local electrician. We collaborate with the best technicians in Leeds so you can have the peace of mind anytime you call us.


We are there for you in your critic moment when you need help and don’t have time to look for an electrician. You can rest assured because we collaborate only with certified and experienced electricians. We scrutinize each professional profile before each collaboration because we want to make sure you will get a high standard service.


We make sure that the technicians have the capacity to handle any terrible circumstance that can expose you, your family and house to lethal risks. They will work professionally and neutralize the situation and then will repair and restore your electrical system. Contact us and we will connect you with a Local Electrician near you.